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The goal of is to share and promote great content about lifestyle businesses. There's an amazing community of technologists trying to build sustainable businesses that help them lead better lives. We believe they deserve a site just for them.

Wait, what's a lifestyle business?

What should I post?

Links and discussions about lifestyle businesses and bootstrapping. Core themes are things like starting and running your own business, freelancing and consulting, bootstrapping your own products, and so on.

Beyond that, anything that relates. We'd love to see posts about healthy living and relationships, better productivity, technology, or anything that just makes us better at what we do.

If you wouldn't send it to your colleagues, it probably doesn't belong here.

Registration, voting, and comments lets anyone with a Twitter account sign up, submit new content, and discuss in the comments. You need to abide my normal rules of decency, i.e. no spam or outright objectionable content or we'll have to ban you. Stay awesome.

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